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Improving your Balanced Beekeeping

Ashburton, Devon
September 15-17 2017

Is your beekeeping stuck in a rut? Do you want to explore different methods? Do you want to try your hand at raising queens and improving your bees' temperament? Do you just want to have a jolly good natter with other like-minded beekeepers, or get some help with your trickiest problems? Then this weekend is for you!

This event is mainly for beekeepers with some experience, even if only a single season. Rather than focusing on the basics, we will have time to explore particular aspects of the craft in more depth.

  • We will have a number of different hives to show you, including horizontal top bar, Warre, log hive, National and the Flow Hive. You will also be able to handle Phil's new Quadratic hive, which may be the most versatile hive in the world!
  • We will look at various methods of raising queens, so you can decide which may be best for you. We will discuss the issues involved in selective breeding and how you can improve your bees without having your own island.
  • Other topics likely to be covered include: non-toxic ways to handle Varroa; hive design for optimum bee health; the pros and cons of the eco-floor; feeding; helping bees to defend their homes; how much management is enough; dealing with bees gone bad.
  • There will also be opportunities to discuss your beekeeping problems, so bring them with you! (not the actual bees, though...)

This weekend is intended for people with some experience of beekeeping, even if only a single season. Familiarity with basic terminology and the ability to recognise worker brood, drone brood, queen cells and common potential disease symptoms is assumed.

You can camp on site (basic facilities; no extra charge), or you can stay at one of many local B&Bs or hotels.

Fee of £135 includes: Friday evening meal; lunch on Saturday and Sunday; refreshments (tea, coffee, etc) all weekend. If camping, please bring your own breakfast food.

The weekend will start on Friday evening, with a meal and introductory discussion. Saturday and Sunday will have a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions. There will be ample opportunities to ask questions and discuss different approaches to beekeeping.

Local facilities (including Buckfast Abbey) are within walking distance and hotel/B&B accommodation is available nearby. Dartmoor (we are just inside the National Park) and the historic towns of Totnes and Ashburton are a short drive away.

This should be a great weekend - be sure to BOOK NOW to reserve your place!

To book and for further information, call Jo on 07914 922 554

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