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Balanced Beekeeping for Beginners and Improvers

A luxury 2-day break at Farndon Grange, Market Harborough, Leicestershire LE16 9SL
September 26-28 2017

Join us for a luxury "Bee Break" at Farndon Grange, where you can learn about "Balanced Beekeeping" in comfortable and relaxing surroundings.

This event is mainly for beginners and those who want to learn how to keep bees without weight-lifting and with full regard for the bees'natural lives.

We will discuss how to keep bees in a number of different types of hive, including the horizontal top bar, Warre, log hive, National and the Flow Hive. You will also be able to handle Phil's new Quadratic hive, which may be the most versatile hive in the world!

Other topics will include: where to place your hives; how to start beekeeping without spending a fortune; non-toxic ways to handle Varroa and other pests; hive design for optimum bee health; the pros and cons of the eco-floor; feeding; helping bees to defend their homes; how much management is enough; dealing with bees gone bad.

There will also be opportunities to discuss your beekeeping problems, so bring them with you! (not the actual bees, though...)

Cost: £85.00 (tuition with evening meal Tuesday and lunch Wedneday and Thursday) or £175.00 inclusive of accommodation and all meals.

To book and for further information, contact Sharon Jervis on 0797 343 9945 for details or
email Sharon

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Balanced Beekeeping at Farndon Grange