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Are you looking for a way to keep bees that is -

- as natural as possible
- requires NO heavy lifting
- has very low costs
- uses no synthetic chemicals
- sustainable
- easy to learn
- is healthy for bees and for you?
If so, you have come to the right place! Here you can discover low-impact, low-cost, chemical-free, natural and balanced beekeeping, using simple equipment that you can make at home.

How to build the Warré Garden Hive

The Warré (or 'People's Hive', as its inventor named it) is a popular alternative to other vertical hives and is used by some commercial beekeepers, especially in France. In the right conditions, it can produce a good crop of honey and requires very little intervention by the beekeeper when compared with conventional hives.
These plans are recommended as being clear and easy to follow.

The Warré Garden Hive Construction Guide 2.0 requires only moderate skills and uses low-cost materials. If you can put up a set of shelves, then you can make a serviceable beehive!

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