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Council again delays beekeeping legislation
On Monday, Sept. 15, Grove City Council again delayed voting on an ordinance to establish beekeeping regulations within the city code. Grove City currently has no legislation on the books addressing beekeeping. Council originally was scheduled to vote ...

Secrets of beekeeping
San Jose Mercury News
The life of a worker bee is short and not that sweet, says Mary Andre with the Mt. Diablo Beekeeprs Association, but the hives can go on forever. Andre was the speaker at this week's Our Garden class, talking about beekeeping and bee behavior. Here is ...

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Wauwatosa closer to allowing beekeeping
Wauwatosa Now
After hearing earlier this year from residents who wanted to allow beekeeping in Wauwatosa, City Attorney Alan Kesner is recommending an ordinance that would let residents have bees if they get permission from their neighbors and meet other conditions.

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NYC beekeeping is booming with 261 hives
Across the city there are 99 registered beekeepers and 261 hives, according to the NYC Health Department -- an impressive feat given that urban beekeeping just became legal here in 2010. Many of these colonies can be found high above the city's flowers ...
Q&A with beekeeper Peter
A Day in the Life of a Big City BeekeeperHuffington Post
Annual Honey Festival stresses honey bees' rolesThe Philadelphia Tribune
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Wall Street Journal

New York Beekeepers Buzzing About Uptick in Production
Wall Street Journal
Beekeeper Andrew Cote, checking a Kerkhoff hive on the roof of St. Mary's Church in the Lower East Side, expects each of his 50 hives to produce 100 pounds of honey this year, up from about 80 pounds the year before; 'It was the best year in my last 10 ...

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The Guardian

How to set up a beekeeping group
The Guardian
“I started beekeeping as a hobby. My dad had bees when I was younger so he had some of the kit, I could see how bees and horticulture go hand in hand and I wanted to get my dad beekeeping again … that's how it started, I guess. I set up projects in ...

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Arusha to Host Global Meet On Beekeeping
BEEKEEPING is making impressive headway in Tanzania after the Prime Minister, Mr Mizengo Pinda, has won international accolades for providing evidence to the country's political will to involve more people in the lucrative business. Addressing ...
Beekeeping stakeholders encouraged to take part in Arusha symposium in NovIPPmedia

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ecoRI news

Beekeeping Long Illegal in New Bedford
ecoRI news
A New Bedford ordinance crafted in 1976 forbids beekeeping. (Frank Carini/ecoRI News)City looking into changing this decades-old ban. By JOYCE ROWLEY/ecoRI News contributor. NEW BEDFORD — When entomologist Michael Patnaude wanted to ...

Area beekeepers are sweet on their hobby
New Jersey Hills
They soon expanded their products to include beeswax candles and soaps, bee pollen and beekeeping equipment. Although they no longer perform bee removal or hive relocation except in special circumstances, they will refer inquiries to other beekeepers, ...

Beekeeper buzzes about his bees
Local bee people tout Philadelphia as "the cradle of American beekeeping," since Lorenzo L. Langstroth patented the removable-frame hive here in 1852. It's still used today. Langstroth would likely be thrilled by the new local wave of urban beekeeping, ...
If the EPA Won't Help Stop Poisoning the Bees, Who Will?OpEdNews

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