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U-T San Diego

Monk on a 42-year beekeeping mission
U-T San Diego
These are the worker bees tended by Brother Blaise Hueke, 78, the Abbey's beekeeper for the past 42 years. Although he's been stung thousands of times and lost almost the whole colony to a die-off a decade ago, Hueke said he finds great peace and ...


Class Offers the Basics about Beekeeping
Those interested in beekeeping got to learn the basics Saturday at the Harrison County 4-H Center. The North Central West Virginia Beekeeping Association hosted it. Beekeeping is a good hobby and can develop into a successful business. Beekeepers are ...
Memphis beekeepers offer beginners class on honey beesMemphis Commercial Appeal

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U of I beekeeping program
Kankakee Daily Journal
Beekeeping is a growing and rewarding hobby that can be enjoyed by most backyard gardeners, says Extension horticulture educator Jennifer Fishburn, who will conduct the program on the basics of starting a backyard colony, understanding honeybees, and ...


Police sting operation as elite gun squad cops take up BEEKEEPING to relieve ...
Britain's first police beekeeping club has been launched to help officers in Scotland Yard's CO19 firearms unit keep calm on the trigger and de-stress. So if people aren't on their best bee-haviour the cops may decide to live up to their bizzies ...

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Enterprising teen turns beekeeping hobby into business
Simpson, 16, received a bee hive from the St. Croix Valley Beekeepers Association five years ago. The association gives out one hive and the necessary equipment to an area youth each year to see if it will spark an interest in the hobby. Simpson was ...

NBC Nebraska

Grand Island Considering Beekeeping Within City Limits
NBC Nebraska
The board decided to put it to City Attorney Bob Sivick's office to remove "Bees" from the city code's definition of vermin and to draw up ordinances allowing responsible beekeeping if you have a permit from the city, which may involve taking a ...
G.I. Considers Beekeeping OrdinanceNTV
Animal Advisory Board working to update bee regulationsGrand Island Independent

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Beekeeping workshop slated Feb. 21
The Courier
The workshop is designed for people who would like to get started in beekeeping or those who have had previous beekeeping experience and want to get back into beekeeping. Some of the topics covered will include basic honeybee biology, races of bees, ...

One is done: The frustrations of beekeeping
Ames Tribune
In recent years it's become all too common for hobbyist and small-scale beekeepers that don't send their colonies to over-winter in California (where they're used to pollinate almond groves) to lose some or all of their hives over the course of the winter.


Beekeeping and Robocops Signal the Future of Cities
Updated | More than half of the world's population lives in cities and by 2050 urban dwellers are expected to boom to 66 percent of the total, up from 34 percent in 1960. Urbanization is happening fast and 12 percent are now packed into mega-cities of ...

Bayer CropScience seeks beekeeping community nominations
The award, an initiative of Bayer's North American Bee Care Program, provides a $5,000 grant to the winner to be used in support of a community beekeeping project. The winner will also receive an all-expense paid trip to a reception in Washington, D.C. ...
Bayer Seeking Bee Leader NominationsAgWired

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