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Due to the activities of Russian hackers, I have removed the contact form from this page.

  • To contact Phil Chandler, please reconstruct this: (bees)(on)(toast)(at)(gmail).(com)

  • Please use the forum to ask beekeeping questions, or read one of my books, which will answer many of them.

  • If you request a reply and don't get one within a week or so, it probably means that you mis-typed your email address. Several times I have replied to messages from here, only to have my replies bounce back from an 'unknown email address'. PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IS CORRECT or you will not receive a reply.

  • Attention users of sbcglobal.net email- PLEASE DO NOT use a sbcglobal.net email address to contact me or to order an ebook, as I have had numerous bounced messages from this service, resulting in it being impossible to contact customers. Please get yourself a Gmail account, or some other reliable service, or you may never receive a reply.

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