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Such a wonderful interview with Michael Bush.
Take a few minutes and have a listen.
B kind
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Sorry, I could have posted to say it was an interesting podcast and well done, I am concious of minimising posts on this forum to conserve space so that biobees is still on-line at the end of the month.( In this respect a "like" button would be useful!).

I hear a lot of people referring to Michael Bush and although I have followed links to his site a couple of times I thought the podcast was a great introduction to his approach.

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Hi All,

Did you guys that managed to have a listen enjoy and got something out of the interview. Could we do anything better on our next interview?

We would be keen to hear from you.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:51 am    Post subject: Our Chat with Michael Bush - Treatment Free Beekeeping

We are happy this week to present the interview with Michael Bush. Michael is a well-known treatment free beekeeper from Nebraska. He is renowned for his common sense and practical approach to keeping bees.

Here is what you will find out from Michael:-

    * What is Michael's biggest challenge in keeping his bees alive in Nebraska?
    * Sometimes the answer is to do nothing
    * Feeding can set off a Robbing Frenzy
    * How to get more honey in a Top Bar Hive
    * How to get started in Treatment Free Beekeeping
    * 45 Degrees is the best angle for Foundation Less Frames
    * The Hopkins Method of Queen Rearing was popularised by Isaac Hopkins (A New Zealander)
    * What was the motivation for Michael Bush's Book?

Press the play button on the page in the following link-
Michael Bush - Treatment Free Beekeeping

You will also find the "kiwimana" podcast on itunes and stitcher Radio, you can listen to podcasts on your mobile phone.

Hope you enjoy the chat...

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