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Perhaps members should consider not supporting such an enterprise if they have ever purchased from him or plan to do so.What a hypocrite after importing so many bees from Italy!
Adam Rose
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At two minutes past midnight I wrote a letter of complaint to the Sheffield BKA. At 34 minutes past midnight I got a reply from the Sheffield BKA committee ! I won't go into details ( PM me if you're interested ) but they have had their problems with this man as well.

Google will tell you that the owner of Sheffield Honey Company is Mr Jez Daughtry. It will also tell you that in 2011 he boasted about importing two million honey bees from Italy into Sheffield ( eg ). You might well imagine that this didn't endear him to local beekeepers.

Here is an interesting insight into his mind set ( from ) : "The thing which really appeals to Jez is that beekeepers are in control of the whole process "You are a mini farmer, a mini production line in charge from start to end ..."."

andy pearce
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Indeed Adam, I have been following the SHB response from those bee keepers on this forum for some years, and am impressed, I even have a few things bookmarked just in case.

Disappointing as it is there are always some small minded people who want to snipe rather than innovate, the party line followers, and the ill informed. It happens everywhere and you have to wonder at their motivation to say such things. It is sad they have to be like that, but perhaps their learning has come to an end and that is it for them. Maybe they have non bee related problems and need to vent their spleens somewhere. They have my sympathy.
PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:56 pm    Post subject:

I may have to have a little word with him myself...
Adam Rose
PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:41 pm    Post subject: Abusive tweets from Sheffield Honey

Take a look at this. Sheffield Honey ( , @SheffieldHoney ) hoping that "On a positive note Small Hive Beetle could help wipe out smelly barefoot, I'm 'really' natural & 'I don't touch my bees' type beekeepers Smile".

And "Or as we call them, the disease reservoir beekeepers - storms they are approaching people..."

Somewhat ironic given the practical discussion on this forum about how to make beetle traps.

I started to reason with gave him ( I assume him ) and gave him a chance to apologize, but the abuse continued, so I blocked the account.


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