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How can I make my own Bee-Friendly Zone?

Just decide how big your BFZ will be and decide what you will do to make it Bee-Friendly.

To make it Bee-Friendly, there are two things you must do in a BFZ:

  1. Keep it free from all synthetic chemicals, especially insecticides
  2. Plant some Bee-Friendly flowers

You could also:

  • Plant Bee-Friendly trees
  • Turn a patch of wasteland into a BFZ by sowing wild flower seeds
  • Make a bumblebee nest box
  • Discover how to garden without using insecticides or weed-killers
  • Leave undisturbed, wild areas in your garden
  • Get together with friends and neighbours to make your BFZ bigger!
  • Join the Friends of the Bees and help make your town more bee-friendly!

What else can I do to help the bees?

Bee-Friendly Zone sign

Download a free sign for your BFZ!

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