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Bee Swarm Collectors
South Devon and Torbay

For bee swarms in or near Newton Abbot, Bovey Tracey or Chudleigh, call Dawn on 07557 330577

For bee swarms in or near Totnes, Ashburton, Buckfastleigh, South Brent, Ivybridge elsewhere in Teignbridge and the South Hams call Phil on 07891 554 012

For swarms in Torbay (Torquay, Paignton and Brixham)
call Gerry on 07802 851152

For bee swarms in the Plymouth area, call Liam on 07804 149307

NO CHARGE for domestic premises*

If you see a swarm of honeybees anywhere in South Devon, call the most appropriate number and one of our team will collect and safely house it. For other locations in Devon, see the list of numbers on the right of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: we are beekeepers, NOT pest controllers.
We DO NOT KILL BEES, but do our best to re-house them in a safe place.

* In most cases, honeybees cause no harm and little or no nuisance, so don't worry about bees living in a roof space or wall that is not close to human traffic: they are unlikely to sting unless provoked. If there is serious risk to people due to bees in close proximity to (for example) a doorway, we may be able to remove them, but there will be a charge.

This service is carried out by experienced beekeepers and is free of charge for domestic premises, if the swarm is outdoors and accessible without special equipment, but if they have already entered a building or a chimney or similar and have begun to build a nest, we may only be able to offer advice rather than removal..

If the swarm is inaccessible, or inside a building or a chimney, please discuss the circumstances with us before we visit. There is a call-out charge of £25 for ALL NON-HONEYBEE removals and for swarm removals where the swarm has moved on before we arrive and we have not been notified.

If the bees are NOT honeybees (e.g. bumblebees, mason bees) it is not usually possible to relocate the nest safely. In an emergency situation, we may be able to remove them, but there will be a charge of at least £35 and most likely upwards of £50 depending on the amount of work involved.

We charge a call out fee of £45 for commercial premises. Removal work will be charged at £35 per hour.

Before calling us, please check here that you have honeybees!

Approved Devon Swarm Collectors

South Devon (except Torbay)
call Phil 07891 554 012
or Jo 07914 922 554

Torbay (Torquay, Paignton and Brixham) call Gerry on 07802 851152

Exeter and the Exe Valley
call Chris on 07967 829888

Plymouth area
call Liam on 07804 149307