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Moor Bees

Moor Bees is for anyone who keeps bees within the Dartmoor National Park.

Moor Bees is open to all beekeepers in the area who would like to work with native and near-native bees, adapted to the climate of Dartmoor. We do not currently have a formal membership scheme, but we encourage membership of BIBBA, the Bee Improvers and Bee Breeders Association, to which we are affiliated.

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Tel: 0871 564 1066

North Devon

Atlantic Coast Friends of the Bees works with native and near-native bees and meets regularly in Welcombe, near Bideford. Contact Sue or Mick 01288 331700


Our associated group in Cornwall is BIPCo - the Bee Improvement Program for Cornwall.

National Network

We are part of the Natural Beekeeping Network, which is an informal, international network of beekeepers who take a 'natural' approach to beekeeping, using top bar hives and management strategies that give priority to the bees' way of arranging their nests. Treatments against pests, if used at all, are as natural as possible and no synthetic chemicals are used.

Balanced Beekeeping Training

Details of our beekeeping courses and events in the UK.

More about Natural Beekeeping

If you want to know more about 'natural beekeeping', you can download a free Introduction to Natural Beekeeping article and listen to Phil Chandler's Barefoot Beekeeper Podcast.

How To Start Beekeeping For Free

More free articles on natural and balanced beekeeping

Balanced Beekeeping Training

Details of balanced beekeeping courses.

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